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Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

Solar, wind power, hydropower are the most well-known renewable energies that most people are familiar with.

The solar cell production process requires a large amount of pure water to clean the sliced monocrystalline silicon wafers. The silicon wafers need to be dried with inert gas to avoid surface chipping or oxidation. The control of water pressure and air pressure needs to be monitored by a pressure transmitter. The production of solar panels requires laminating technology to ensure that each layer of protective material outside the solar cell is uniformly stressed and sealed. The precise release of the pressure of the hydraulic technology applied to the lamination needs to be monitored and controlled by a pressure transmitter

The production of Wind turbines will also be applied to laminating. The basic material of the wind wing is an irregular metal structure, but the metal is difficult to be processed into the ideal edge angle of the wind wing at a time, so filling materials need to be supplemented on the edge of the metal wing. A fusible sealing film will be added, and the giant laminating machine will compact all the materials on the wind wing into one body. This process requires a pressure transmitter to detect the hydraulic output of the laminator. The overall wind wing needs to be sprayed with anti-rust paint. , The paint spraying equipment needs to monitor its pressure to ensure that the paint is evenly sprayed. Some paints are flammable liquids. Therefore, the LEFOO explosion-proof pressure transmitter will be used. The middle of the formed wind wing is hollow, and the hollow of it needs to be measured. The wind speed in the space will use a wind speed sensor. After the fan is installed, the angle of the three huge blades will be slowly adjusted according to the wind direction and wind speed through the huge internal gear structure to adjust the best angle at all times. This wind speed and wind direction require precise continuous monitoring, the internal metal parts of the fan will be designed according to the local wind speed and wind direction, the size of the gear and the strength of the material.

Fans and hydropower will be applied to permanent magnet generators, and a large number of parts produced by hot-melt metallurgy and powder metallurgy will be used. The production equipment of these parts will also use a lot of water and refrigerated cooling gas, and pressure transmitters are required to monitor these The medium used, this equipment will use pressure sensor material, the production process will produce a lot of wastewater, wastewater treatment requires a pressure sensor to monitor the water pressure. 

lead-acid batteries of the solar system will freeze at extremely low temperatures after being discharged to a certain level. Therefore, temperature transmitters are used in the solar system room to monitor the indoor temperature.

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