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RO Booster Pump 75 gpd

RO booster pump also referred to as the reverse osmosis booster pump, LEFOO pressure control always dedicated to manufacture the best ro booster pump for ro system in water purifier. Using the RO filter pump, The reverse osmosis system directly delivers an appropriate amount of high-pressure pure water to the pump, thereby prolonging the life of the components and reducing operating costs.

RO Booster Pump 75-gpd is a device to increase water pressure coming into the small residential RO kits. Small residential RO kits typically operate fine at least 60 PSI, However, with higher water pressure, you will get more high purity water if the pressure reaches 80-100 psi. For an opposite example, you will receive less RO pure water at the low quality when the pressure goes below 45 psi. This RO Booster Pump 75-gpd will provide 75 Psi extra pressure to the RO kit and generate RO pure water 75 gallons per day. The pump are ideal for reverse osmosis water treatment,carbonation systems,beverage machine,medical lab water,surface sanitation.

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Specifications of RO Booster Pump 75 GPD

Product Parameters
Inlet Pressure0.2Mpa
Working Pressure0.5Mpa
Working Current≦1.0A≦0.9A
Working Flow≧75ml/min
Open Flow≧1800ml/min
Bypass Pressure0.85~1.0Mpa
Maximum Current≦1.3A≦1.2A
Optional Connections

1/4" Male Quick Connection


3/8"NPT "0"

1/4"Side Female Quick Connector

1/4" Top Female Quick Connector


Features of RO Booster Pump 75 GPD

*High water preventing level.

*Compliant with CE, Rohs, CQC certifications.

*Large flux water outlets with stable pressure and long working life.

*Compact structure consists of robust plastic and metal components.

*DC Powered strong impetus motor with low noise, low vibration level.

*Whole process quality controls in processes of electrical, sealing, and pressure boosting.

Application for RO Booster Pump 75 GPD

Home RO water purifier

Green house Hydroponics/Aeroponics


HVAC Coil Cleaning

Medical Lab Water

Dialysis Chemical Injection

Methanol & Water Injection

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