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Lefoo Monocrystalline Silicon Pressure Transmitter LFT700

The LFT700 monocrystalline silicon pressure transmitter is used to measure the liquid level, density and pressure of liquid, gas or steam, and then convert it into 4~20mADC HART current signal output. It can also communicate with HART375 or HART475 hand-held communicator for parameter setting, process monitoring, etc.


High quality monocrystalline silicon core

High accuracy: ±0.075%F.S, ±0.05%F.S

Fast response

Various output optional


Specification of Monocrystalline Silicon Pressure Transmitter LFT700

Product NameMonocrystalline Silicon Pressure Transmitter
Measuring Rangecan be customized, -1-0bar, 0-60bar, 60-600bar
Overload Capacity7.5MPa/70MPa
Measuring MediumUniversal for gas, liquid and steam
Output SignalDC4~20mA HART(two-wire system)
Stable Performance±0.1%F.S/year
Temperature Effect±0.1%F.S/10℃
Accuracy Class±0.075%
Protection ClassIP67
Damping Time0.1S
Power SupplyDC24V
Operating Temperature-20℃~70℃
Ambient Temperature-40℃~85℃

Description of Monocrystalline silicon Pressure Transmitter LFT700

The sensor module adopts all-welding technology and has an integrated overload diaphragm, a pressure sensor and a temperature sensor inside. The temperature sensor serves as a reference for temperature compensation. The positive pressure side of the pressure sensor is connected to the high pressure chamber of the sensor diaphragm, and the negative pressure side of the sensor is connected to the low pressure chamber of the sensor diaphragm. The resistance value of the chip changes, resulting in a change in the output voltage of the detection system. The output voltage is proportional to the pressure change, and then converted into a standardized signal output by the adaptation unit and amplifier.

LEFOO Company

LEFOO Industrial Co., Ltd has 6 laboratories with advanced and complete equipment to develop and improve the accuracy of existing products in various ranges and various temperature conditions. It also has a semi-automatic dust-free production center for the manufacture of pressure transmitters.  Please contact our sales team to get the best pressure transmitter price.

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