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Lefoo Temperature and Humidity Transmitter with Display LFH10

The Temperature and Humidity sensor with the display has three installation methods: wall-mounted type, duct type, and split type. Current, voltage and RS485 output modes are optional. Strong adaptability, spring screw/terminal design is suitable for quick installation. The ideal instrument to measure relative humidity and temperature of the air of HVAC system, business campus and industrial workplace, warehouse. This temperature and humidity sensor price is quite a low cost and resisted interference, which meets the temperature and humidity sensor for industrial application, 

LEFOO is a production expert, reliable supplier of temperature and humidity sensors that can offer you the best service and optimal price.


* Two outputs Temperature and Humidity

* CE and RoHS certificated

* Optimal for animal husbandry and breeding industries

Specification of Temperature and Humidity Transmitter with Display LFH10

Temperature and Humidity Transmitter with Display
Relative Humidity
Sensing ElementDigitalSensing ElementDigital or thermal resistance, see Models Selection Table
Measure Range0%~100%RHMeasure Range0~50℃, -20~60℃
OutputRS485/Modbus,0~10VDC,4~20mAOutput4~20mA, 0~10VDC,   RS485/Modbus
Response Time≤10s(25℃, slow flow air)Work Temperature-20~60℃,5%-95%RH(non-condensing)
Accuracy±2%@ 25℃ & 60%RHAccuracyDigital sensing element:   ±0.5℃@25℃
ModelLFH101 Wall Mounted TypeVoltage TypeRS 485 TypeCurrent Type
LEFOO Temperature and Humidity Sensor with Display

15~35V dc

24V ac ±20%

15~35V dc

24V ac ±20%

18.5~35VDC   (RL=500Ω)



Protection Level

ModelLFH102 Duct TypeOutput Load≤500Ω(Current Type),≥2KΩ(Voltage Type)
LEFOO Temperature and Humidity Sensor with DisplayDisplayLCD display optional, with   unit display and backlight(4~20mA output without backlight)
ModelLFH103 Split TypeCase MaterialPC case, PC probe, Polymer   filter(stainless probe and   stainless filter optional)
LEFOO Temperature and Humidity Sensor with DisplayThermal resistanceSerial number 0,1,2,3,4,5,6 on model selection table

Model Selection Table
Note: Accuracy of thermal resistance PT series is ±0.2℃@25℃, Exactness of NTC and Ni series is ±0.4℃@25℃
Code and descriptionRemark
LFH101-Wall-mounted temperature and humidity transmitterModel
LFH102-Duct type temperature and humidity transmitter
LFH103-Split type temperature and humidity transmitter

2±2%RH(0.3℃Accuracy range

V100~10VDC(Three-wired)Humidity output

V100~10VDC(Three-wired)2NTC20KTemperature output
A44~20mA(Two-wired)3Ni 1000

0NOTemperature range
2minus 20~60
8Others (customer specified)

0No displayDisplay mode
1LCD display
LFH101-2A4311Selection example

Features of Temperature and Humidity Transmitter with Display LFH10

■  Imported sensing element, high accuracy, fast response;

■  Varieties of installation methods and output signal, LCD display optional;

■  New industrial quick installation design, fast installation feasible.

Applications of Temperature and Humidity Transmitter with Display LFH10

LEFOO Temperature and Humidity sensor LFH10 series are used in PLC, dehumidifier, high standard air conditioner, Supporting infrastructure projects, Metallurgical Automation, Painting equipment

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