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RO Booster Pump 150 GPD

Most Reverse Osmosis membranes have ideal minimum pressure such as 50 psi or 60 psi.  When the pressure is insufficient and the RO system will generate less drinkable water at a low purify effect. The RO booster pump 150 GPD  will increase the pressure that forcing the solution to pass through millions of holes on a semi RO membrane. The RO pump can produce fresh tasting pure water at the rating of 150 gallons per day that are optimal for the applications such as family restaurants, beverage shops, and automatic spray systems.

The pump will add 75 psi to the water. For an easy instance, when the local water pressure is 30 PSI, the pump will boost the real pressure to 105 psi. However, If your tap water pressure is over 60 psi, a RO booster pump of 150 GPD can do only a little help to your RO system. Ro system will generate more reject water and will also result in higher TDS in RO water.  The pollutants will accumulate on the surface of the RO membrane and cause fouling and scaling. The frequent use of detergent will shorten the service life of the expensive RO membranes. A RO Booster Pump will offer optimal pressure feeding to the RO system that can generate more high purity freshwater with less rejected water.

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Specification of RO Booster Pump 150 GPD

Voltage 24V / DC
Inlet Pressure00.2MPa
Working Pressure0.5Mpa
Working Current≦2.1A≦1.5A
Working Flow≧1450ml/min≧1500ml/min
Open Flow≧1800ml/min≧2000ml/min
Bypass Pressure0.85~1.0Mpa
Maximum Current≦3.8A≦2.2A≦2.0A
Self Primming Height≧3M
Connection1/4" Male Quick Connection
3/8"NPT "0"
1/4"Side Female Quick Connector
1/4" Top Female Quick Connector

Features of RO Booster Pump 150 GPD

*High water preventing level.

*Compliant with CE, Rohs, CQC certifications.

*Large flux water outlets with stable pressure and long working life.

*Compact structure consists of robust plastic and metal components.

*DC Powered strong impetus motor with low noise, low vibration level.

*Whole process quality controls in processes of electrical, sealing, and pressure boosting.

Advantages of RO Booster Pump 150 GPD

RO purifier

Soda Water Purifier

Coil Cleanning

Lab Water

Water Injection

Green House Misting System

Surface Humidification and Sanitation

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