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RO Diaphragm Water Booster Pump 300 GPD

The Diaphragm pump of LEFOO pressure control is a new generation of diaphragm booster pump developed and improved by traditional RO booster pump for many years. 

Using a RO diaphragm water booster pump is recommended for those who have low incoming tap water pressure less than 60 PSI, or well water pressure lower than 45 psi. This pump boosts 75 psi of pressure to RO pure water machine that will produce fresh drinking water with low cost and high purity. Quite optimal for the applications for the machine such as in office,library,and hospitals. The RO Diaphragm Water Booster Pump 300 GPD is a suitable coffee machine pump.

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Specifications of RO Diaphragm Water Booster Pump 300 GPD

Inlet Pressure0.2Mpa
Working Pressure0.5Mpa
Working Current≦2.3A≦2.3A≦2.1A≦2.4A≦2.1A
Working Flow≧2700ml/min≧2200ml/min≧2700ml/min≧2200ml/min
Open Flow≧4000ml/min
Bypass Pressure0.85~1.0Mpa
Maximum Current≦3.2A≦2.8A≦3.2A≦2.8A
Optional Connection3/8" Male Quick Connection
3/8"NPT "0"
3/8"Side Female Quick Connector
3/8"Top Female Quick Connector


Features of RO Diaphragm Water Booster Pump 300 GPD

*High water preventing level.

*Compliant with CE, Rohs, CQC certifications.

*Large flux water outlets with stable pressure and long working life.

*Compact structure consists of robust plastic and metal components.

*DC Powered strong impetus motor with low noise, low vibration level.

*Whole process quality controls in processes of electrical, sealing, and pressure boosting.

Application of RO Diaphragm Water Booster Pump 300 GPD

RO diaphragm water booster pump 300 GPD are generally used in the commercial pure water machines,and  mist spray systems for plants. 

Carbonation beverage for restaurant,

Espresso Coffee Machine

Water Dispensing and vending 

Hydroponics VS Aeroponics

Misting Systems for home

Kitchen/Room Sanitation

Autoclave Systems

Endoscope Reprocessing

Methanol & Water Injection

Humidification System

HVAC system Cleaning

Biopharmaceutical Water

Chemical Boost/Dialysis Chemical Injection

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