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Pressure Switch Controller

Pressure Range: -101~0kpa / 0~1.6MPa
Pressure Accuracy: 1% FSO
Protection Level: IP54
LCD pressure reading
Adjustable working parameters

The preset high pressure that activates the trigger is called cut-in pressure thresholds, and that deactivates the pressure switch controller is called the cut-out pressure thresholds. When the media pressure is within a normal range, the pressure switch controller stay as cut in, while the electrical bridge closed when the pressure reach or overflow the threshold value.

Pressure controller is different from pressure switch which basically the same as the pressure controller, but the pressure cannot be set, the price is very low. For pressure switch controller, you just set a pressure, above (below) this pressure switch controller contact action, send a signal for protection, the action pressure can be adjusted. Generally the price of  LEFOO pressure switch and the pressure control switch is lower. As for pressure transducer transmitter, it can change pressure into an continuous electrical signals, it is easy to circuit acquisition, the price is high.

LEFOO digital pressure switch controller is ideal for industrial pressure indication and control in both air and clean liquid applications. The pressure controller switch has a large LCD screen for easy display and the control is available from vacuum (-101K Pa) up to 1.6 MPa. For liquid media the threshold range is 0 -1.6 MPa.