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Low Differential Pressure Transducer

Low Differential Pressure Transmitter
Pressure Range: ±100/±1000/±10000 pa
Pressure Accuracy: 1%FSO~0.5%FSO
Display: LCD display / Non Display
Certification: CE& RoHS

Low differential pressure transmitters and low cost pressure sensor controller of LEFOO pressure control have a wide application for air-conditioning/ventilation, duct static pressure measurement, filter and flap control, airflow control, cleanroom control, Lab/Fume hood control, airflow control, VAV and fan control, smoke hood control, furnace airflow control, oven pressurization, fluid, level monitoring,  Isolation rooms monitoring, environmental protection, air blower, air cleaning or pneumatic feed lines. energy management systems. 

The low differential pressure transducer is ideal for the application of monitoring the vacuum pressure, a gauge pressure of air with differential pressure, such as natural gas, and especially low pressure of non-corrosive gases.