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Lefoo HVAC Pressure Switch LF58

The function of the hydraulic pressure switch in the hydraulic system is to control and adjust the flow direction, pressure and flow of the oil in the hydraulic system, so that the actuator and the working mechanism driven by it can obtain the required direction of movement and thrust (torque) And movement speed (rotation speed), etc.

Through continuous efforts LEFOO pressure control tries to manufacture and launch the world's most innovative and sophisticated hvac pressure switch.

LF58 Dual pressure switches is usually used with fluorinated refriqerants to control the pressure of compressor in refrigerant system. It can also be used in air and water. It provide two pressure set points in one switch.

Specification of Hvac Pressure Switch LF58

ModelPress SideRange(bar)Differential(bar)Factory Setting(bar)Max Operating Pressure(bar)
Low Side-
LF5832HMHigh Side832Fixed 4201535
Low Side-
High Side832Fixed 420Manual Reset35
LF5832HLMLow Side-0.27.5Fixed 43Manual Reset20
High Side832Fixed 420Manual Reset35

Features of LEFOO Pressure Switches for HVAC system

Standard Mounting Bracket.

Robust and durable metal parts.

Adjustable threshold pressure settings.

Internal micro-swith ensures reliable switching.

Danfoss HVAC pressure switch same model and quality.

CE,Rohs and various of international certification approved.

capable for AC 250v/ AC125v and tailored Electrical Ratings.

Application of LEFOO HVAC Pressure Switches

LEFOO LF55  pressure switches are usually used with fluorinated refrigerants to control the pressure of the compressor in the refrigeration system. The pressure switch is capable of pressure control for media of air and water.

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