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Lefoo Water Solenoid Valve LFSV20-B

LFSV20-B solenoid valve is a two-way normally closed two-position two-way solenoid valve. The valve uses the electromagnetic force generated by the coil to drive the movement of the valve core, thereby blocking or circulating the medium in the pipeline, and achieving the purpose of timing and automatic discharge of compressed air condensate. Mainly used in compressed air system components such as filters, separators, dryers, air storage tanks, drip feet, etc. The discharge time and interval can be adjusted according to different needs.

Specification of Water Solenoid Valve LFSV20-B





Medium temperature


Work pressure


Aperture (mm)




Discharge time


Joint form

G1/2” (can be changed to 3/8” or 1/4”)

Product installation and Use of Water Solenoid Valve LFSV20-B

Like another Lefoo pressure switch, LFSV20-B Water Solenoid Valve can be installed and used as the following steps.

1. Before installation, remove dirt, copper filings, rust, etc. from the compressed air system. It is recommended to install the electronic drain valve after the full pressure drop system is emptied for 1 minute;

2. The solenoid valve should be installed vertically on the horizontal pipeline, the flow direction of the medium must be consistent with the arrow direction pointed by the solenoid valve, and the water outlet should not use a hose that is not resistant to airflow;

3. The input voltage of the coil must be consistent with the voltage indicated on the coil, and it is never allowed to remove the solenoid from the valve when it is energized to prevent the coil from being burned;

4. When using direct current, the positive pole must be connected to connector "1".

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