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RO Pump 200 GPD

Reverse Osmosis Water Pump 200 GPD is a pressure-adding device for a RO water system or water purifier. Working flow ≧1900ml/min, work current ≧1.9 A,  70 PSI pressure feeding, low noise.  

Are you in search of a pressure booster pump supplier? LEFOO is always dedicated to manufacturing pressure booster pumps for RO systems and water purifiers. The LEFOO RO Booster Pump increases the water flow and adds the inlet pressure, maximizing the water production of their water purifier.  prolonging the life of the components and reducing operating costs.  

The pump also can be used in Drinking water chillers; Drinking water coolers;  Carbonated Drink Machine; Beverage machine; Reverse osmosis system; medical water purifier; Laboratory water purifier

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Specification of Reverse Osmosis Water Pump 200 GPD

Voltage24V / DC
Inlet Pressure00.2MPa
Working Pressure0.5Mpa
Working Current≦2.5A≦1.9A
Working Flow≧1800ml/min≧1900ml/min
Open Flow≧2400ml/min≧2500ml/min
Bypass Pressure0.8~1.0Mpa
Maximum Current≦3.3A≦2.5A
Pumping  Height≧3M
Connectioncapable of all 3/8 inch connectors

Features of Reverse Osmosis Water Pump 200 GPD

*High water preventing level.

*Compliant with CE, Rohs, CQC certifications.

*Large flux water outlets with stable pressure and long working life.

*Compact structure consists of robust plastic and metal components.

*DC Powered strong impetus motor with low noise, low vibration level.

*Whole process quality controls in processes of electrical, sealing, and pressure boosting.

Application of Reverse Osmosis Water Pump 200 GPD

RO water purifier

Soda Water Dispenseer

Beverage Systems

Water Vending

Misting Systems

Surface Humidification

HVAC Coil Cleaning

Lab Water

Autoclave Systems

Methanol & Water Injection


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