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Applications of RO Booster Pump 400 GPD

Compared to another booster pump for RO system, This booster pump is frequently used on:

Water Treatment Machine RO

Shop Carbonation Machine

Soda Beverage machine

Water Vending Machine

Hydroponics and Aeroponics

Misting Systems for Garden

Surface sanitation system

House humidifier

Fan coils units Cleaning

Water lab testing

Autoclave process systems

Methanol & Water Injection

(12 V for RO system on caravans, RV, boats)

Water Treatment/RO

Carbonation Systems

Beverage/Coffee Systems

Water Vending, Dispensing


Misting Systems

Surface Sanitation


HVAC Coil Cleaning

Medical Lab Water

Autoclave Systems

Endoscope Reprocessing/Chemical Boost

Dialysis Chemical Injection

Methanol & Water Injection

Sparkling Water Machine

Commercial Sparkling Water Machine

Commercial Carbonated Water Machine

Carbonation Systems

Commercial Water Dispenser

Water Dispensers

Soda Machine

RO Purifier

RO Water Dispenser

Water Coolers

Misting System

Teeth Cleaning Industry

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