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600 GPD RO Pump

Pressure Booster Pump
Work Flow: 3.6L/min or 3.2L/min
Work Pressure: 0.5Mpa / 0.7Mpa
Noise Level: ≦60db
Max Current: ≦4.5A(24v) / 2.8A(36v)

RO Diaphragm Booster Pumps 600 GPD,or diaphragm booster pump, is a water pump device for Commercial RO water purifier and RO applications. The diaphragm booster pump is actually a controller, or also called a control pump, which is used to control the flow of the water purifier, or also called a metering pump. The household diaphragm pump for water purifier combines a diaphragm pump and a booster pump, because the water purifier can't use much pressure, and the diaphragm is used to pressurize the water purifier directly.The Diaphragm pump of LEFOO pressure control is a new generation of diaphragm booster pump developed and improved by traditional RO booster pump for many years. 

RO Diaphragm Booster Pumps 600 GPD is generally suitable for household reverse osmosis water purification system and household RO membrane water purifier under the condition of inlet pipe pressure.