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Lefoo RO Booster Pump 600 GPD

The purpose of the reverse osmosis booster pump is to increase water pressure going into the quick production capacity RO unit for water purifiers. Booster pumps provide reliable pressure feedingfor efficient membrane utilization. These pumps are capable of continuous duty and are effective for recirculation-based applications as well. They are ideally suited to work with hydro-pneumatic storage systems but are compatible with most hydraulic shut-off valves also.

These pumps are commonly used with one or more flow control components including pressure switches, tank level controllers, or electronic shut-off valves. A typical “RO Kit” includes a booster pump, pressure switch, and transformer, which is included.

Reverse osmosis is a pressure-driven process. you won’t get a lot of water and the product water quality will be compromised if the unit runs below 45 psi. Low inlet pressure makes the unit produce more rejected water, produce less drinking water, fill the storage tank more slowly, and produce lower quality water. RO units run well on the typical city water pressure of 70 psi, but they run even better with a small pump to boost the pressure to 100 psi or higher for districts where have few water treatment industries.

Specification of RO Booster Pump 600 GPD

Voltage24V DC 36V DC24V DC36V DC
Inlet Pressure0.2Mpa
Optional Boost Pressure0.5Mpa0.5Mpa0.7Mpa0.5Mpa0.7Mpa0.7Mpa0.5Mpa0.7Mpa0.7Mpa0.5Mpa0.7Mpa
Working Current≦2.8A≦3.0A≦4.0A≦1.9A≦2.2A≦3.3A≦4.0A≦4.5A≦2.2A≦2.2A≦2.6A
Working Flow≧3200ml/min≧3600ml/min≧3200m/minl
Open Flow≧4500ml/min≧6000ml/min≧4500ml/min≧6000ml/min≧4500ml/min≧6000ml/min
Bypass Pressure0.85~1.05Mpa
Maximum Current≦4.0A≦4.5A≦2.8A≦4.3A≦5.0A≦2.5A≦3.2A
Optional Connection3/8"NPT
3/8"NPT "0"
3/8"Side Female Quick Connector
3/8"Top Female Quick Connector
CertificationsNSF, CE, ROHS, REACH, EU Food Grade

LEFOO Specification of RO Pump 600 Gallon Per Day

Features of RO Booster Pump 600 GPD

*High water preventing level.

*Compliant with CE, Rohs, CQC certifications.

*Large flux water outlets with stable pressure and long working life.

*Compact structure consists of robust plastic and metal components.

*DC Powered strong impetus motor with low noise, low vibration level.

*Whole process quality controls in processes of electrical, sealing, and pressure boosting.

Applications of RO Booster Pump 600 GPD

Water Treatment/RO

Carbonation Systems

Beverage/Coffee Systems

Water Vending, Dispensing


Misting Systems

Surface Sanitation


HVAC Coil Cleaning

Medical Lab Water

Autoclave Systems

Endoscope Reprocessing/Chemical Boost

Dialysis Chemical Injection

Methanol & Water Injection

Sparkling Water Machine

Commercial Sparkling Water Machine

Commercial Carbonated Water Machine

Carbonation Systems

Commercial Water Dispenser

Water Dispensers

Soda Machine

RO Purifier

RO Water Dispenser

Water Coolers

Misting System

Teeth Cleaning Industry

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