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Pressure Controller

Pressure Range: -101~0kpa / 0~1.6MPa / 0-20 Bar
Pressure Accuracy: 0.5%FSO / 1% FSO
Protection Level: IP54
LCD pressure reading
Adjustable working parameters

Pressure controller housing pressure sensor, relay, circuit board, LCD, and buttons in a robust plastic casing. Different from the pressure switch controller, the pressure sensor utilizes a piezo-resistive ceramic base and a silicon chip to measure the pressure. A diffusion silicon sensor (no diaphragm) is used for air pressure measurement, and an oil-filled silicon sensor is used for liquid measurement.

Pressure Controller

Usually, pressure controllers have the capability of making field adjustments and pressure control, LEFOO digital pressure controllers can be calibration reset to 0 value for deviation fixing. And no need to open the housing to adjust the preset pressure values. The button and digital LCD offers easily adjusting for pressure cont.

Pressure controllers are designed to open and close the electric circuit when the pressure reaches two preset pressure values. They are used widely as the systems switch controller such as in air compressors, vacuum pumps, water pumps, that have pressurized air or high salinity liquids to monitor.