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DP Transmitter

Differential Pressure Transmitter
Sensor type: Germany Mono silicon core
Pressure Range: 0.2~300Kpa
Pressure Accuracy: 0.075% FSO /0.05% FSO
Capable Customization for Various Conditions

How to measure Differential Pressure?

The differential pressure is a monitoring of the pressure drop of a media or two pressure type within the limited space, thus measuring by how much the two points differ from each other, not their magnitude relative to atmospheric pressure or zero voccum pressure. However, in some industrial applications, instead of one single pressure transducer receiving pressure measurement from two different ports and comparing it, two separate relative pressure sensors can be utilized instead. This may be the case when two different types of sensors are required due to medium constraints, or even medium differences.

1. Differential pressure measurements such as flow, level, density, viscosity.

DP transmitter are designed measuring the pressure change or pressure drop while the fluid flows through a pipe it is possible to calculate the flow rate. One very common way of measuring flow using a differential pressure transmitter on the pipe filter, which will create a high and low pressure to monitoring fluids cleanliness. These units of flow can be gallons per minute (GPM) or cubic meters per hour (m³/h).

DP Transmitter

2. Level measurement using a differential pressure transmitter

Using two differential pressure transmitter and a control system to perform signal subtraction, allows process engineers to measure not only the differential pressure but also level, flow, interface, and even density. In the application to measure the volume of liquid (or liquid level)in a closed vessel, a differential pressure transmitter with gauge pressure transducer

can also be used. As long as the density of the fluid does not change with temperature variation, differential pressure transmitters can measure the pressure of the fluid in the vessel as well as the air pressure above the level(gas vs. liquid). 

In this case, the differential pressure transmitter of LEFOO pressure control can determine the level of the tank at any given moment using the differential pressure. the height of the column of liquid can be determined from the pressure, liquid density and gravity.

DP Transmitter

The relationship between pressure and level: 

P = ρ*g*h

h = (P2 – P1)/ (ρ * g)

h = height of the liquid column [m]

P2 = hydrostatic pressure at depth h

P1= pressure of the enclosed gas in the vessel

ρ = density of the liquid [kg/m³]

g = gravitational force [m/s²]

an overview of the gamut of secondary applications when using differential pressure transducer independently.