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Booster Pump Brushless LEFOO

Pressure Booster Pump Series
Work Flow: 2.7L~5L /min
Work Pressure: 0.5Mpa / 0.7Mpa
Noise Level: ≦42db~45db
Max Current: ≦3.2A~5.0A

Reasons to have a Pump Booster Brushless Type

Different from the common RO booster pump, RO pump brushless pump applies the neodymium permanent magnet rather than the ceramic magnet, which is 12X stronger in magnetism. The brushless pump motor does not have a carbon brush which creates a high level of noise. The RO pump brushless can offer strong pressure in the RO water system that generates 300-1000 gallons per day, while the brushless pump size is quite small and can be installed in areas with limited space.

Advantages of Pump Booster Brushless

1. Powered by brushless DC motor, stable starting,  Ultra-quiet,  low vibration.

2. low electromagnetic interference,  long service life.

3. Compact design: small size and lightweight, Optimal for limited space installation on water purifier machines.

4. Eco–friendly: Save up to20~ 60% of electricity thanks to the brushless motor.

5. Multiple electrical protections such as over-current, over-voltage, under-voltage, and reverse connection protection.

LEFOO Group offers 300-1000 GPD brushless pumps available for big houses over 4 floors, commercial restaurants, and beverage shops (RO water can improve the tastes and flavor), RO water Shower is good for skincare.

What is Reverse Osmosis?

Osmosis is a naturally occurring phenomenon that is a less concentrated solution that will have a natural tendency to migrate to a solution with a higher concentration. Whereas Osmosis occurs naturally without the energy required, reversing the process of osmosis requires applying pressure to the more saline solution. Reverse Osmosis, generally referred to as RO, is a process of purifying contaminants of molecules' size and excess minerals in water by enhancing pressure that forces the strong saline solution through a semi-permeable RO Membrane and becomes pure water. If your city water pressure is under 60 PSI. This artificial pressurization RO process requires boost pressure and is usually extra consumption in electricity. And a reverse osmosis booster pump is really necessary.

How does Reverse Osmosis System work?

There is a misunderstanding that the RO system consists of only one RO pump and one semi-permeable RO membrane. In this situation, but the membrane will get dirty very quickly and require frequent maintenance and cleaning, which is undoubtedly low efficiency in processing the water and also very troublesome.

The reverse Osmosis System is consists of at least 4 filters, an RO pump, RO processing water chamber, RO membrane, pipe works, pure water storage tank, and filtered reject water storage camber or expelling pipes. Reverse Osmosis leaving almost all (over 95% ) dissolved salts, and toxic heavy metal (over 98%), and bacteria and parasites(over 99%)  behind in the reject stream.

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