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Liquid Temperature Level Transmitter LFT3200

The Liquid temperature and level transmitters LFT3200 are suitable for media such as crude oil, food, water treatment systems, which can achieve pressure and temperature monitoring. The temperature will affect the accuracy of liquid level measurement, dual measurement of liquid level temperature can make the measurement result more accurate

LEFOO group offers a wide variety of pressure transducer designs that cater to the wastewater and water treatment industry.  Water storage tanks in energy industries, steel industries, chemical industries, etc.


*Both Temperature and Pressure Signal Outputs

*Protection Level IP68

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Specification of Water Level Temperature Transmitters

Level Temperature Transmitter
Protection Level IP68

Pressure Range


Temperature Range

-20~100℃, PT-100

Overload pressure

1.5 times of the rated pressure


Pressure: ±0.5%F.S/ ±0.25%F.S, Temperature: ±2%F.S



Working Temperature


Measured Medium

Gas or liquid compatible with 304 and  316L stainless steel, PE, PVC, fluorine rubber, or nitrile

Electrical Performance

Two-wired system

Three-wired system

Four-wired system

Output Signal




Power Supply




Electrical connections

M14 waterproof cable

Enclosure Rating


Pressure Interface


Pressure Form

Gauge Pressure G

Certification items

Safety explosion-proof type E, RoHS,   EU electrical safety standards CE

Model Select Table
LEFOO Model Select Table LFT3200
Code and DescriptionRemark

Level Range0 to 200 m water or  low concentration solutionMeasure range

Temperature Rangeminus 20-100℃

A4A4=4-20maOutput Unit

MmeterCMcentimeterMeasure Unit

0.50.5% FSAccuracy

MM14=M14 waterproof cableElectrical Connection

M12=M12 submersiblePressure Interface
11 meterCable Length
22 meter
33 meter
LFT32000-200minus 20~100℃A4M0.5M121Select Example

Description of LEFOO Level Temperature Transmitter

Liquid temperature level transmitter LFT3200 housing the piezoresistive pressure sensor and PT-100 temperature sensor in one robust 304/316 steel housing. The transmitter will experience the liquid temperature and pressure then convert them into standard (current or voltage) signal output through a dedicated signal conditioning circuit. LEFOO transmitter LFT3200 adopts precise digital temperature compensation and is capable of a wide operating temperature range. Various output signal options to meet customers' requirements. 

Adopt oil-filled diffusion silicon core with high precision and high overload capacity

Temperature and pressure dual output, compact structure, saving installation space

Support Modbus-485 communication protocol (intelligent type)

The temperature-sensitive element and the pressure-sensitive element are packaged as a whole, which is closer to the temperature of the medium

Customized solutions for continuous level measurement and point level detection

Optimum solutions thanks to unique technology selection

Easy to integrate with matching process connection

Economical standard sensors, flexible customization

Application of Liquid Temperature Level Transmitters

Capable media such as crude oil, food, water.

Sealed tank with liquid stock applications.

Cisterns for water processing systems.

LEFOO Application of Liquid Temperature Level Transmitters

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