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Air Speed Transmitter LFM110W

Air Speed Transmitter LFM110W

Wind Speed Transmitter produced by our company has high-temperature corrosion-resistant material for the housing.  Benefit from heat dissipation or Pitot tube principle, the  Transmitter requires minimum amount of air, and even in harsh environments, its performance is stable and reliable.  Comparing with other traditional wind speed sensors, it has better stability, can ensure faster and accurate micro air volume measurement and accuracy, wide range ratio. The detection data is accurately calibrated in the full range through the internal micro-controller. Linear compensation and temperature compensation are realized digitally, so the accuracy and resolution are high. There is no zero drift, and long-term stability is excellent, making it more cost-effective.  In addition, this series of transmitters can withstand instantaneous high wind speed and high wind pressure.

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Specification of LFM110W Air Speed Transmitter

Application of LFM110W Air Speed Transmitter

HVAC, filter pressure drop monitoring, flue gas treatment,  textiles, chemicals, aviation, power plants, coal mines,  pipeline air flow, variable air volume systems, micro-wind speed measurement fields, such as biological safety  cabinets, operating rooms, clean rooms, biological  laboratories, electronics, medical environment.

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