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Small Peristaltic Pump LFP301/ST

A small peristaltic pump has multiple rollers compressing a tube as they rotate around a partial circumference inside a pump body. Between the rollers, a chamber of liquid is trapped, and it is transferred from the inlet side to the outlet side of the small peristaltic pump. 

Small Peristaltic Pump LFP301/ST  as a type of stepper motor peristaltic pump,  is a peristaltic pump driven by a stepper motor. 

For the greatest accuracy and controllability, a small peristaltic pump is most often driven directly by a stepper motor. Such motors allow the user to precisely control the small peristaltic pump speed (typically between 0 and 500 rpm) and direction. These motors are generally a 2-phase bipolar construction and require a separate external driver to generate the correct sequencing signal to the motor coils. 


*Easy upkeep low noise

*Optional Brushless/Stepper Motor

*Simple setting and  Easy Mounting

*Optional various soft tubes

*No pollution Easy Maintenance

*High temperature/Chemical resistant

*Can transfer liquid, gas, solid

Technical Benchmark of Micro Peristatic Pump

LEFOO Technical Benchmark of Micro Peristatic Pump LFP301/ST

LFP301ST Stepper Motor Graph
LEFOO LFP301ST Stepper Motor GraphLEFOO LFP301ST Stepper Motor Graph
ConfigurationWithout gearbox
Number of phases and motor type2 phase/BI polar system
Rated Voltage4.3V
Rated Current1A
Step Angle1.8°
Motor Speed(r/min)0-300
Duty Ratio<0.5
Winding Resistance4.3Ω
Motor Insulation ClassB
Motor Rated TemperatureLess than 80°
Life6000 hr(not a guaranteed value)

DC Brush Motor Chart
24V DC Brush Motor & Gear:  M type: Tube capable for long service life,   L type = Higher-Speed rotations and larger flow amount
12V DC Brush Motor & Gear:  DM type: Tube capable for long service life,   DS type = Higher-Speed rotations and larger flow amount, DL Type: Ultra large amount

LEFOO DC Brush Motor Chart LFP301/ST

Specification of Small Peristatic Pump

General Specifications

Recommended installation height

2.0m max

Liquid temperature range

5 to 50℃(41°F to 122°F)

Specified environment temperature range

0 to 50℃(32°F to 122°F)

Specified ambient humidity range

20% to 80%(with no condensation)

Certification & Approvals

LEFOO General Specifications LFP301/ST


A range of tube materials is available to handle a range of different chemicals as well as hygienic options for food and beverage dispensing.

Food Machinery

Drink dispenser

Detergent supply

Dish-Washing machine,

Washing machine Analytical Equipment

Analytical &testing instrument sample supply

Printing Equipment: Ink Supply

Kitchen Apparatus

Laundry Apparatus

Car Washing Equipment Analytical Apparatus


1. When selecting a tube, the customer should perform a verification test to verify the chemical suitability according to the usage environment and the intended application

2. Regardless of the pump tube type, the phenomenon of peeling from inside of the tube starts with small amounts

3. This Product is not designed for medical use. Do not use it for medical applications.

4. This product is not waterproof. The use in a water-filled environment requires water-proof systems or designs.

5. Numerical dates listed in this catalog reflect conditions measured over a short period of time. Their accuracy for long-term use is not assured.

6. There is a tendency for the flow rate to increase until the tube becomes acclimated, and even among the same model, different lots may have a different flow rate within the specified tolerances, Also, the rotating speed of the DC motor may fluctuate depending on the load condition and changes in the motor temperature. During the design stage, be sure to select a motor with ample capacity.

Selection Guide of Small Peristaltic Pump LFP101BT

1. Peristaltic Pump LFP301
Optional Tube fitting types



















Not Available

No Fitting

Match 4 tubes

A specification of LEFOO peristaltic pumps can be determined by many combination of parts.

Please select each part according to your requirement.

2. Product Series Name
Number of Rollers
DC Motor Diagram
LFP301 (DC geared motor)LFP301ST (Stepper Motor)2 roller3 roller4 rollerWiring & Terminal Dimension

3. Soft Tube / Hose Select Table
(A)  PHARMED BPTDescriptionRegulatory compliance
Pharmed-BPT.jpg*Great resistance to general chemicals, acid, alkali, and oxidizing agents
*Compatible with virtually all commercial cleaners and sanitizers
*Lasts up to 30 times longer than silicone tubes.
USP Class VI
(B)  TYGON A-60-F (Norprene A-60-F)
PhaemedA60F.jpgFor critical processing applications in the food, dairy, and cosmetic industries.
*Compatible with virtually all commercial cleaners and sanitizers
*Great resistance to general chemicals, acid, alkali and oxidizing agents
FDA 21 CFR Part 177.2600
NSF 51
(C) TYGON 3355/3350
TYGON3350.jpg*High-performance and platinum-cured silicone tube
*Ultra-smooth inner bore reduces the potential for particle entrapment
*Excellent fluid flow characteristics.
FDA 21 CFR Part 177.2600
USP Class VI
S 3-A (3350 only)
TYGON2001.jpg*Plasticizer-free chemical resistant tube.
*Great resistance to a wide range of fluids that typically destroy PVC products
*Applicable to soap and detergent dispensing, ink transfer, water purification
lines, food, beverage and chemical transfer
FDA 21 CFR Part 177.2600
tygonELFL.jpg*Non-DEGO tube for Food & Beverage, and Biopharmaceutical Applications
*Longest flex life in any clear Tygon tubes
*Extremely low particle spallation for sensitive fluid applications
FDA 21 CFR Part 177.2600
USP Class VI
TYGOPRENEXL60.jpg*Alternative to silicones and PVC when longer pump tube life is required
*Excellent resistance to a wide range of fluids, including acids and bases
*Greatly reduce the risk of fluid contamination
FDA 21 CFR Part 177.2600
NSF 51
(G)TYGON A-60-G  (Norprene A-60-G)
TYGONA60G.jpg*Lasts and perform better than EPDM and other specialty rubber tubes
*Ozone and UV Light resistant
*Applicable to soap and disinfectant dispensing, printing ink transfer. etc

(H)Versilon F-5500-A(Fluran F-5500-A)

VersilonF5500A.jpg*A proprietary fluoroelastomer tube
*Excellent resistance to corrosive chemicals, oils, fuels and solvents
*Ozone and UV Light resistant

wtube.jpg*Dual-wall tube which has excellent resistance to chemicals, acid, alkali.
*Inner layer: Polyolefin Outer layer: Thermoplastic Elastomers

4. Color variation (The colors are software colors and not the real color)

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