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Small Peristaltic Pump LFP101BT

A small peristaltic pump has multiple rollers compressing a tube as they rotate around a partial circumference inside a pump body. Between the rollers, a chamber of liquid is trapped, and it is transferred from the inlet side to the outlet side of the small peristaltic pump. 

Small Peristaltic Pump LFP101BT  as a type of stepper motor peristaltic pump,  is a peristaltic pump driven by a stepper motor. 

For the greatest accuracy and controllability, a small peristaltic pump is most often driven directly by a stepper motor. Such motors allow the user to precisely control the small peristaltic pump speed (typically between 0 and 500 rpm) and direction. These motors are generally a 2-phase bipolar construction and require a separate external driver to generate the correct sequencing signal to the motor coils. 


*Easy upkeep low noise

*Optional Brushless/Stepper Motor

*Simple setting and  Easy Mounting

*Optional various soft tubes

*No pollution Easy Maintenance

*High temperature/Chemical resistant

*Can transfer liquid, gas, solid

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Specification of Small Peristatic Pump


Description of Micro Peristatic Pump

Application of Small Peristaltic Pump LFP101BT

food making machine

liquid dishwasher detergent dispenser

laundry dispenser

dish washing machine

commercial dishwashers

small dishwasher machine

dish washing machine for home

mini dishwasher machine

commercial dishwashing

Analytical &testing instrument sample supply

digital printing machine

auto car wash machine

commercial car wash equipment

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