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RO Booster Pump for 1000 GPD RO System

The RO Booster Pump for 1000 GPD RO System is with no carbon brush and is much more durable than other RO booster pumps. The integrated PCB will prevent damages such as Over Voltage and Over Current. While the rotor and pistons provide steady RPM to add pressure to water. This pump is ideal for the applications for 1000 gallons per day RO systems 

Specification of RO Pump Brushless LFP21000W-B

Connection Size3/8"NPT3/8"NPT3/8"NPT3/8"NPT3/8”NPT3/8”NPT
Inlet Pressure0.2MPa0.2MPa0.2MPa0.2MPa0.2MPa0.2MPa
Working Pressure0.5MPa0.5MPa0.5MPa0.5MPa0.7MPa0. 7MPa
Working Current≤2.4A≤3.0A≤2.5A≤3.0A≤3.5A≤4.0A
Working Flow≥22700ml/min≥2950ml/min≥3250ml/min≥3600ml/min≥4000ml/min≥5000ml/min
Open Flow≥3500ml/min≥4000ml/min≥5000ml/min≥6000ml/min≥6500ml/min≥6500ml/min
Bypass Pressure0.85~1.OMPa0.85~1.OMPa0.85~1.05MPa0.85~1.05MPa0.9~1.2MPa0.9~1.2MPa
Maximum Current3.2A4.OA3.7A4.5A4.0A5.0A


Features of RO Pump Brushless LFP21000W-B

  • Brushless, long lifetime. 

  • Equipped with high power brushless DC motor with super low noise, low vibration.

  • Protection function on over current, over-voltage, under voltage, over temperature, blocking rotation. 

  • Energy-saving and environmental protection, No sparks when working, explosion-proof advantage. 

  • Compliant with ROSH & CE certification. 

  • The wet parts comply with food grade requirements.

Application of RO Booster Pump for 1000 GPD RO System

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