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Pressure Transmitter With Display LFT6700

Pressure transmitter with display LFT6700 is a silicon wafer-based transmitter, which has calibration with programmable RS485 Protocol or PLC. The robust pressure transmitter is designed for use in hazardous (classified) locations. The transmitter software compensates for thermal effects, improving performance. 


*The sensor uses a high-overload glass micro capacitor core

*Actual-time detection and alarm prompt

*Anti-strong electromagnetic interference

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Specification of Pressure Transmitter With Display LFT6700

Measurement range0~10...35Mpa
Overload pressure1.5 Times of full scales
Burst pressure3 Times of full scales
Working Temperature-10~60℃
Medium Compatibilitygas or liquid compatible with 304 stainless steel
Output ModeFour-wired
OutputRS-485 (max 128 channels@ 500m)
Power supply12~24VDC
Electrical ConnectionM8 four-core straight head aviation plug

Insulation 20MΩ@50VDC
Protection Grade IP67
Pressure Connection M10*1
Pressure Form Sealing  pressure S
Certification EU  Electrical Safety Standards CE



Description of Pressure Transmitter With Display LFT6700

  • Using Oil-filled silicon piezoresistive core chip,with lone-term stability;

  • Multiple measurement range and connector for different application;

  • Using stainless steel #304 material, protection level to IP67, with anti-corrosion, moisture and other characteristics;

  • With the adoption of RS485 digital signal transmission, the construction complexity is reduced, fewer pre-embedded cables are needed, and the construction period is reduced. Multiple data acquisition can be realized with high acquisition accuracy, and the system error only comes from the transmitter itself.

Application of Pressure Transmitter With Display LFT6700

Fire tank, fire extinguishing equipment,constant pressure water supply, real-time monitoring of oil Wells, pressure measurement, etc.


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