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Pressure Transducers

What is a Pressure Transducer? What are the industrial pressure transducers and how do they work in pressure measurement and how to find a reliable pressure transducer supplier that has mass productio...
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    Industrial Pressure Transducers

    Pressure Transducer Sensor Type:

    Mono silicon core/oil-filled silicon core

    Pressure Range: -100kPa~60MPa

    Output: Hart /4~20ma/ 0.5~4.5V/ 0~10V;

    Accuracy:0.05%/0.025%/0.01%/0.25%/ 0.5% 

What are Pressure Transducers? What are the industrial pressure transducers and how do they work in pressure measurement and how to find a reliable pressure transducer supplier that has mass production experts in pressure sensing and pressure control products?

What is a Pressure Transducer and how to Define an Industrial Pressure Transducer?

Pressure transducers are sensors that use additional electronics to compensate for linearity deviations and temperature errors, outputting measurement results as standardized signals that function well in places with industrial electromagnetic interference and relatively extreme working temperatures. Every pressure transducer is measured over the entire pressure and temperature profile and compared to the desired signal span. An industrial pressure transducer is a pressure measuring device that takes measurements from automatic manufacturing facilities or processing instruments and gives real-time output that the machine will read and indicate the work status of the measuring media. This is different from a pressure switch which reacts to pressure when a limit is reached. 

How Pressure Transducer Works

A pressure transducer can measure either absolute, gauge, differential, or vacuum pressure depending on the specifications of the applications and the sensor. The sensor will undergo the pressure and convert it to output signals from 4-20ma,0.5-4.5v,0-5v,0-10v, and the RS485. The value of milliampere or volt is precise and proportional to pressure hence the pressure transducers are so versatile and used throughout most industries giving accurate pressure measurement. They are suitable for complex applications where the need to monitor exact pressure is required.  

How to find a Proper Pressure Transducer supplier in China?

In past years, buyers or purchasers can easy to find hundreds of suppliers from Canton Fair or Shanghai Industry Fair, They can find the products that match their appearance requirements and functional standards. Know suppliers' scale and production capacity, and how they carry out quality control, the price by face-to-face meetings. And it's quite efficient to have order negotiating with supplier staffs. However, Since the outbreak of a pandemic in 2019 made it difficult to participate in the exhibitions, and the cost of time and money also increase.

More buyers choose to find a supplier by Google or other online search engines, B2B websites. Although it takes more time than attending the trade show. Here is the Question. How to find a good pressure transducer supplier in a short period of time. How to distinguish the strength of this company. Here are some points, how many manufacturing facilities does that supplier have, do the supplier has a well-equipped laboratory for various experiments, How many years has the company been established, how many engineers, whether there are professional production equipment, whether there are enough production experts, whether the quality inspection process is complete, and whether the salesperson’s communication skills are sufficient