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Peristaltic Tube Pump LFP201

Peristaltic tube pump LFP201 is a device for chemical fluid dosing or visible fluid transfer. The robust plastic housing the tube, roller, brushless motor, and bearing. The roller will not directly contact the fluid and there is no risk of leak pollution unless the tube is done


*Easy upkeep low noise

*Optional Brushless/Stepper Motor

*Simple setting and Easy Mounting

*Optional various soft tubes

*No pollution Easy Maintenance

*High temperature/Chemical resistant

*Can transfer liquid, gas, solid

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Specification of Peristatic Pumps


Description of Peristatic Pumps

● Powerful torque

● Customized flow,LFP101 up to 88ml/min, LFP201 up to 650ml/min

● 2、3、4 rollers for LFP101;2 rollers for LFP201 ● LFP101 has 1mm and 1.6mm two types of tube thickness, maximum inner diameter 4mm, LFP2041tube thickness is 1.6mm, inner diameter reaches up to 6.4mm

● The pump head is convenient for disassembly and assembly, which makes it convenient for tube replacement

● DC motor and stepper motor are both available (revolutions setting controller is standard configuration, flow can be adjustable). The stepper motor satisfies the requirement of long term usage with low noise

Application of Peristaltic Tube Pump LFP201

Chemical dosing controll Liquid transfer

food processing machine

food making machine

egg processing machine

liquid dishwasher detergent dispenser

laundry detergent dispenser

laundry dispenser

dish washing machine

commercial dishwashers

small dishwasher machine

dish washing machine for home

mini dishwasher machine

commercial dishwashing

Analytical &testing instrument sample supply

sticker printing machine

label printing machine

digital printing machine

auto car wash machine

commercial car wash equipment

Car Washing Equipment Analytical Apparatus

car washing equipment

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