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Digital Pressure Sensor

Digital Pressure transmitters
Oil-filled silicon core Excellent Anti-interference
Pressure Range: -100kPa~60MPa
Output: 4~20ma/ 0.5~4.5V/ 0~10V / RS485
Pressure Accuracy: 0.1%FSO / 0.5% FSO

The Digital pressure sensor has the function that pressure status can be checked from the display on the sensor. Digital signals such as RS485,  Modbus RTU, USB, SDI-12, and many other signal forms are readable pressure signal protocols, The measurement of pressure prevents incorrect outputs due to momentary pressure changes. Digital pressure sensors are ideal for microcontroller applications and are the preferred type of pressure sensor for measuring pressures in calibration & test laboratories.

Based on piezoresistive ceramic systems, and silicon crystal film technology, Lefoo designs and manufactures pressure sensors ranging from the sensing element to system packaging for harsh environments.  We supply a wide range of both standard and tailored pressure sensors, and fully amplified and packaged transducers and transmitters.