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Commercial Water Pressure Pump Reverse Osmosis

The robust BPA-free plastic and metal structure case the water pressure pump in a compact design. The pump applies food class plastics and robust metal casing that can offer big water flow with 100+ psi of pressure feedings. The Brushless NdFeB magnet motor has a low noise level and long last magnetism performance. The durable pressure boost pump 1000 GPD is optimal for commercial water purify machines, RO systems, and misting systems 

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Parameters of Commercial Water Pressure Pump RO

Connection Size3/8"NPT3/8"NPT3/8"NPT3/8"NPT3/8”NPT3/8”NPT
Inlet Pressure0.2MPa0.2MPa0.2MPa0.2MPa0.2MPa0.2MPa
Working Pressure0.5MPa0.5MPa0.5MPa0.5MPa0.7MPa0. 7MPa
Working Current≤2.4A≤3.0A≤2.5A≤3.0A≤3.5A≤4.0A
Working Flow≥22700ml/min≥2950ml/min≥3250ml/min≥3600ml/min≥4000ml/min≥5000ml/min
Open Flow≥3500ml/min≥4000ml/min≥5000ml/min≥6000ml/min≥6500ml/min≥6500ml/min
Bypass Pressure0.85~1.OMPa0.85~1.OMPa0.85~1.05MPa0.85~1.05MPa0.9~1.2MPa0.9~1.2MPa
Maximum Current3.2A4.OA3.7A4.5A4.0A5.0A

LEFOO Parameters of Commercial Water Pressure Pump RO

Features of LEFOO Water Pressure Pump

  • Brushless, long lifetime. 

  • Equipped with high power brushless DC motor with super low noise, low vibration.

  • Protection function on over current, over-voltage, under voltage, over temperature, blocking rotation. 

  • Energy-saving and environmental protection, No sparks when working, explosion-proof advantage. 

  • Compliant with ROSH & CE certification. 

  • The wet parts comply with food grade requirements.

Application of Commercial Water Pressure Pumps

RO water machine for 1100 people, RO water system, Misting system

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