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Specification of Differential Pressure Sensor LFT2050

Technical parameter

LEFOO Differential Pressure Sensor LFT2050
Measurement Range0~10kPa…3.5MPa
Overload Pressure1.5times of full scales
Accuracy±0.25%F.S.(100kPa~3.5MPa) / ±0.5%F.S.(0~100kPa)
Working Temperature-10℃ ~60℃
Storage Temperature-40~100℃
MediumGas or liquid compatible with S304, 316L, fluoro rubber or nitrile rubber
Electrical PerformanceTwo-wiredThree-wiredFour-wired
Output Signal4~20mA0-10VRS485
Power Supply10~36VDC12~36VDC10~30VDC
Electrical connectionDIN43650A(Big Hirschmann), M12 Waterproof outlet, GX12 aviation connector(three cores/four cores),
M12 four-core aviation connector
Pressure ConnectionG1/4、NPT1/4、R1/4、G1/2、7/16-20UNF、M20*1.5、M10*1、M14*1.5 etc.
Pressure FormDifferential ressure D
Protection classIP65
CertificationRoHS, EU electrical safety standards CE



Selection Guide

Code and descriptionRemark
LFT2050Differential Pressure SensorModel


A4A4 = 4~20mA(Two-wired)Output Mode
V10V10 = 0~10V(Three-wired)
RSRS = RS485(Four-wired)

KK = kPaUnit
PP = psi
BB = bar
MM = MPa

0.250.25 = 0.25%F.S.Accuracy
0.50.5 = 0.5%F.S.

D1D1 = DIN43650A(Big Hirschmann)Electrical connection
MM = M12 Waterproof outlet
C3C3=GX12 three cores aviation connector
C4C4=GX12 four cores aviation connector
HH = M12 four cores aviation connector

GG = G1/4Pressure connection
NN = NPT1/4
G2G2 = G1/2
M20M20 = M20*1.5
M14M14 = M14*1.5
M10M10 = M10*1
UU = 7/16-20UNF

External thread

RR = R1/4

1.01.0 = 1mCable length
2.02.0 = 2m
3.03.0 = 3m

Selection Example