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Applications of Low Differential Pressure Transducer LFM108

HVAC Systems

Sterilization and purification system

Instrument Workshop and Textile factory

Power Engineering Project and Energy management systems,

Automatic controller

Construction and Decoration industries

Green facilities

Hotel kitchen ventilation

Laboratory ventilation and clean system

Animal husbandry 

Air processing system

Air filtration

Clean purification project


Building automation integration

Building Control System

Dust removal in lithium battery workshop

3D printing equipment

Environmental Technology

Environmental pollution control

Fresh air system

Fresh air conditioner

Gas purification

Gas oven food machinery

Oven pressurization and furnace ventilation control,

Metal parts processing


Painting equipment

Space purification system

Smoke hood control, 

Static pipelines and clean room pressure

VAV and fan control,

Waste gas treatment

Electronic components, home appliances construction

Interconnected network, intelligent control

The catalytic combustion purification system

Environmental climate box testing equipment

Flat thermal conductivity tester

Coffin drop hammer impact testing machine

Textile equipment

LEFOO Application of Low Pressure Differential Transducer LFM108