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Features of Turbine Flowmeter LFLWGY

1. Small pressure loss.

2. It has high anti-electromagnetic interference and anti-vibration ability, reliable performance and long working life.

3. Using advanced ultra-low power consumption single-chip microcomputer technology, the whole machine has strong functions, low power consumption and superior performance. Smart flow display with nonlinear accuracy compensation. The accuracy of the correction formula is better than ±0.02%.

4. The instrument coefficient can be set online by the button, and can be displayed on the LCD screen. The LCD screen is intuitive and clear, and has high reliability.

5. Using EEPROM to protect the accumulated flow and meter coefficient from power failure. The protection period is greater than 10 years.

LEFOO Company

LEFOO Industrial Co., Ltd has 6 laboratories with advanced and complete equipment to develop and improve the accuracy of existing products in various ranges and various temperature conditions. It also has a semi-automatic dust-free production center for the manufacture of pressure transmitters.  Please contact our sales team to get the best price.