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Applications of Vortex Flowmeter LFLUGB

Installation conditions

The sensor should be installed on the pipe with the same diameter as the horizontal, vertical and inclined (liquid flow from bottom to top). The upstream and downstream of the sensor should be equipped with a certain length of straight pipe section, the length of which should meet the requirements of 15 ~ 20D for the front straight pipe section and 5 ~ 10D for the rear straight pipe section.

1. The nearby pipeline where the liquid sensor is installed should be filled with the liquid to be measured.

2. The sensor should be avoided to be installed on the pipeline with strong mechanical vibration.

3. The inner diameter of the straight pipe section should be as consistent as possible with the sensor diameter. If it cannot be consistent, a pipe slightly larger than the sensor diameter should be used, and the error should be ≤3% and not more than 5mm.

4. When the measured medium contains a lot of impurities, a filter should be installed beyond the required length of the straight pipe section upstream of the sensor.

5. The sensor should be avoided to be installed in places with strong electromagnetic field interference, small space and inconvenient maintenance.