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Specification of Differential Pressure Gauge LFB

multiple ranges are optional, minimum 0 ~ 30Pa to maximum 0 ~ 210KPa

two sets of pressure ports (side, back) + 3 mounting modes = free and flexible application.

Excellent accuracy, reasonable price.

Environment temperature -70 ~ 60°C

Rated pressure -68 ~ 103KPa

DP gauge, Dwyer Magnehelic replace

The function of a differential pressure gauge

The media chambers of a differential pressure gauge are separated from each other by the pressure element. If the two pressure measurements are the same, there is no movement through the pressure element, and no pressure is indicated. As soon as the two measured values are different from each other, thus one of the pressures is higher or lower, then a differential pressure will be indicated. The transmission of the pressure element displacement and the indication of the pressure transfer into a mechanical movement.