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Applicationa of Submersible Liquid Level Sensor LFT3000

Industrial Water Tank

Municipal water supply project

Desalination treatment

wastewater processing

To make wastewater useable again or to discharge it into the environment, it has to be clean in a multistage process of a wastewater treatment plant. There are three major cleaning steps, located between the inlet and outlet of a plant: mechanical cleaning, biological cleaning, chemical cleaning. An additional part is the treatment of the sludge, which is produced during the cleaning. In all areas, process monitoring is required to take corrective action if needed. This monitoring can be ensured by measuring the respective parameters. The level measuring can be critical for proper monitoring.

Ultrasonic technology and Radar technology and are often viewed as the "best" method of level measurement, but this is not always true in the water industry. Although they offer high performance and accuracy, in many water and wastewater applications submersible level measurement is an ideal choice because of its lower cost and anti-interference-and long-term stability.

Level measurements

Continuous level measurements and limit-level detection are needed in water and wastewater treatment plants from a process engineering, water management, and safety perspective. Level monitoring and control are key factors in optimizing operation between influent flow to the plant and treatment processes and for calculating and controlling costs.

Because no single-level technology exists that is suitable for all processes, each technology has its place depending on the process material, process conditions, and environmental conditions. Installation options are also a consideration when selecting the technology that is the best fit. In many processes, multiple-level technologies may perform equally well, leaving cost as a key consideration. Selecting the appropriate level technology for an application is critical for successful measurement, controlling the initial costs of the instruments, and eliminating costs that may be associated with maintaining a less than ideal technology.

LEFOO Application of Water Tank Sensor